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In Brace the Swarm you have to hold off waves of enemies while constructing turrets to bolster your defenses. However, instead of enemies taking specific paths when approaching you, they will move and flow freely throughout the map in an attempt to surround your bases.

Take advantage of the terrain, as well as the wide selection of turrets at your disposal, to expand to new locations and gather more resources. Place down lights to track your enemies' position, and react to the threats lurking in the dark.

Play offline, wherever you may be, without restrictions.

Take control of the final surviving enclave of machines, as they try to hold off the swarm.

  • Never run out of stages, with randomly generated maps.
  • Relax with the campaign’s 14 varied story missions.
  • See how long you can last by playing the never-ending survival mode,
  • or test your skills in short, handcrafted challenge stages.