Wordbox is a classic Boggle-like that faithfully recreates the feel and gameplay of the original board game.

Wordbox is presented in a gorgeous hand drawn style, and sports most of the quality of life improvements you’d expect from a modern rendition.
Play together with friends, or chase the high-scores on your own.

– Free unlimited plays.
– Online multiplayer, so you can challenge your friends wherever they may be.
– Local play for everyone else.
– Faithful scoring and random dice orientations for the enthusiasts.
– And an old-time, pleasant aesthetic to round it all off.

Wordbox was created over the course of a few months in 2019, and is the work of 2 UK based developers. Kate Alicia Sendall is responsible for all art, while I (Glenn Nygard) am responsible for the production and programming. Wordbox is still in development, and will be updated continually going forward.